About Phil Gable

Some things I do well:

>  Finding what’s fascinating about absolutely anything.  

>  Giving direction without dictating the answer.   

>  Inspiring loyalty from creative teams, partners, and clients. 

>  Helping clients take smart, calculated risks.

>  Knowing when to double down and when to back off. 

>  Managing budgets, staffing plans, and other left brain activities.

>  Raising creative standards while keeping the workflow humane.


Some things I believe:

>  It’s never too late to make it better.

>  Honest disagreement is a sign of giving a shit.

>  There is no strategy without sacrifice.

>  There is no persuasion without empathy.

>  Empathy also prevents toxic politics.

>  If you want something done, ask a busy person.

>  Worshipping data is just as foolish as ignoring it.

>  If it's anyone's problem, it's everyone's problem.

I live in Brooklyn but I'm also available in LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta,

Dallas, and many other places through the magic of air travel and the Internet.