The Trumpee Stump


Is Vladimir Putin using footage of Donald Trump paying Russian escorts for golden showers as leverage against the current administration? Probably.

Is there something cathartic about watching a dog pee on a tiny likeness of Donald Trump? Definitely.

That's the inspiration behind the Trumpee Stump – a 6" bust of Donald Trump attached to a square of artificial turf, accompanied by synthetic dog urine to encourage early adopters. 

10% of all profits go to The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services.

Office Camo T-Shirt


Hide in plain sight and slip out of meetings unnoticed by blending into the banal with this office camouflage T-shirt.

The pattern covers the entire shirt, including the sleeves.

The material is a super comfy, lightweight, breathable, polyester-elastine blend. Available in men's crew neck and women's