Other Things That I Make Which You Can Also Buy

The Trumpee Stump


Is Vladimir Putin using footage of Donald Trump paying Russian escorts for golden showers as leverage against the current administration? Probably.

Is there something cathartic about watching a dog pee on a tiny likeness of Donald Trump? Definitely.

That's the inspiration behind the Trumpee Stump – a 6" bust of Donald Trump attached to a square of artificial turf, accompanied by synthetic dog urine to encourage early adopters. 

10% of all profits go to The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services.

Trumpspirations 2019 Calendar


A glossy, 8.5x11, 12-month calendar featuring the inspired eloquence of America's greatest president.

This calendar has 365 days in it – that's more than any other calendar has ever had in the history of time. 

Yellin' Chuck Schumer tried to pay MS-13 to burn these calendars but some of my best Space Patriot Warriors were able to stop that very quickly.

If someone tells you not to buy this calendar, they're probably being paid by the Democrats who are being controlled by the Russians who are controlled by the Green Party.

If you love your country, you'll buy this calendar. If you want to see your country ripped apart and fed to rabid, wild, gay dogs, then don't buy it. It's that simple, folks.

Office Camo T-Shirt


Hide in plain sight and slip out of meetings unnoticed by blending into the banal with this office camouflage T-shirt.

The pattern covers the entire shirt, including the sleeves.

The material is a super comfy, lightweight, breathable, polyester-elastine blend. Available in men's crew neck and women's V-neck.

I live in Brooklyn but I'm also available in LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta,

Dallas, and many other places through the magic of air travel and the Internet.