Alliance Theatre

Experiential campaign for a play about African-American barber shops.

Cuttin’ Up is a play that celebrates the history and culture of African-American barber shops. Ticket sales were lagging, so we needed to make a big splash in the real world on a tight budget. 
The iconic afro pick is an important element in the play, so we hired Atomic Props to make 5 of them, measuring just about 6 feet tall, and then we placed them large shrubs and bushes around Atlanta.
Most of the picks were stolen within 24 hours,, and we wasted no time in calling local news outlets. The story was on 4 different local stations by the following evening and within a week, ticket sales increased by 60%.
The campaign won a Gold Effie Award and was also recognized in the One Show.

I live in Brooklyn but I'm also available in LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta,

Dallas, and many other places through the magic of air travel and the Internet.